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commercial lawn maintenance Prince George

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commercial lawn maintenance Prince George

The 5 Forgotten Questions About Commercial Lawn Maintenance In Prince George

When it comes to commercial lawn maintenance in Prince George, there are a number of residents who are blissfully unaware of the proper questions that need to be asked. In many cases, we will often make a hiring decision that is not based on any sort of logical research at all.

By taking the time to ask the right questions, this keeps us from potentially making the wrong decisions when it comes time to hire commercial lawn maintenance in the Prince George region. There is no reason why we should be making the wrong commercial lawn maintenance decisions when we have access to the following guide that is designed to assist Prince George residents.

1) Can Proof of Licensing Be Provided?

Any professional lawn maintenance company that is worth the money that will be spent on their services is going to be able to provide their clients with proof of licensing. No client should ever be hiring a company that is not able to do so. Licensing is something that every company in this niche must have and there are no acceptable excuses as to why the company cannot readily provide proof of their licensing status.

2) What About Bonding?

To many, the ideas of licensing and bonding tends to go hand in hand. If the company is licensed, then it would stand to reason that the are bonded as well, right? Not only is this a common mistake to make, but it is a common mistake that keeps us from being able to find the best company for our needs. They are not a package deal and proof of licensing is not the same as proof of bonding.

3) Can Proof of Insurance Be Provided?

Insurance is what keeps a customer from potentially having to spend money out of pocket to take care of injuries that are sustained by workers while they are on the job. While we are often able to find less inexpensive lawn maintenance service providers when we are willing to relax our insurance requirements, this is not a recommended course of action by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t ever hire a lawn maintenance company that does not have fully up to date insurance.

4) What Will Be Included In The Services?

An all inclusive maintenance package for the lawn might sound nice, but it is typically going to be more expensive than the standard issue package. Clients need to be making themselves fully aware of the services that they have to choose from and what will be included in each of them. This keeps a customer from potentially making a mistake that cannot be corrected without having to call a second company.

5) What If Problems Arise?

Problems and complaints may arise during this process, but that does not mean that we should be accepting of them. Knowing where to direct complaints and concerns is very important. The best companies will provide their clients with all of the information that they need upfront. This keeps a client from finding themselves wondering why their company is not making themselves available during times of crisis.

commercial lawn maintenance Prince George

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