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Concrete Crack Repair Vancouver

Cracks in concrete may seem harmless, but they may affect the structural integrity of your property significantly. Fraser Valley Concrete Services offers quality concrete crack repair Vancouver property owners can rely on. We have been in the business for many years and have many positive reviews from our clients.

What causes cracks in concrete?

Many factors may cause concrete to crack. However, rapid loss of water from fresh concrete is one of the leading causes of cracks in concrete. The rapid absorption of water from formwork or aggregate can also cause concrete to crack. In addition, cracks in concrete may also be caused by bleeding and sedimentation, negligence, poor workmanship, and content of cement.


Fraser Valley Concrete Services has been providing concrete crack repair services in Vancouver, BC for many years. Our staff has perfected the art of concrete crack repair and brings it expertise and experience to every job.

When you call us for concrete crack repair, we will come to your place and examine the cracks before providing a comprehensive solution to the problem. Concrete crack repair is a complicated process that you should avoid doing yourself, especially if you do not have the expertise. DIY concrete repair projects can do more damage than good to the structural integrity of your property.

To repair cracks in concrete, you must first clean the cracks, choose a suitable sealant, apply the sealant, and leave the sealant to cure. Concrete crack repair requires skill, practice, and an excellent eye for color matching.

Are all cracks in concrete a problem?

Cracks in a building are not necessarily dangerous, or a cause of concern; some cracks are relatively harmless. Different types of cracks may appear in concrete, including plastic shrinkage, expansion, heaving, overload, and subsidence, among others.

Plastic shrinkage occurs when concrete is still full of water and has not hardened. As the concrete loses moisture, it shrinks and may crack to relieve tension. Plastic shrinkage may not be a threat to a concrete structure.

Expansion occurs when concrete expands due to heat or hot weather and pushes against objects in its path. If the objects in its path cannot expand, it cracks. Thaw and freeze cycles, as well as growing tree roots, can also cause cracks to develop in concrete, a process known as heaving.

Settling occurs when the ground under concrete becomes soft as a result of saturation. As the weight of the concrete compacts the soil, cracks could develop due to uneven settling of the ground underneath.

When you should be concerned

Cracks in concrete become a problem when they become wider than an eighth of an inch. Water may seep through such cracks and cause structural damage. Water seepage may reach the rebar and cause it to rust, which causes the steel to expand. The expansion of steel may cause concrete to crack further and weaken the structure.

If you see cracks on your property, call us to come and assess the condition of your structure. A seemingly harmless crack can cause significant damage to your property.

Concrete Crack Repair Vancouver

824 Russett Dr, Arnprior ON K7S 3G8