Fence Building

Privacy, Security and peace of mind are your greatest investments.

Looking to enjoy quality family time outdoors?
Sleep at night worry-free?
Or simply run inside to grab a drink while your young ones and or pets are in the backyard
without worrying of an accident happening?

Here at Backyard Pros, we can make that happen for you. With numerous sturdy materials to choose from, we can put your mind at ease in no time while increasing the value of your home.

Options I can choose from

Wood fences

Our wood Fences can be built from Pressure – Treated or Cedar. Vertical or Horizontal. Wood fences can be made of many styles and can go as high as 7’ in most areas for full privacy. They are built using galvanized fasteners, which eliminates premature rotting.

Wood fences will require less maintenance than wood decks as they are vertically standing, no ice or snow will directly be in contact with the panels, however, sanding and staining will be required once every 4-5 years, to ensure proper sealing and control aging.

Metal Fences

Metal fencing comes in wrought iron and chain link. Metal fencing makes great fences for backyards and pools. Requires minimum maintenance and many designs to choose from. you can go with a full classical look or  blend it with a Modern looking backyard. Metal Fencing will add a unique touch to any yard it is built on.

PVC Fence

PVC fence makes a great choice for a  maintenance free fence. Comes in different heights and got a width of 6’ for extra sturdiness. Inside every PVC post, a steel pipe is driven into the ground, to code depth.


  • They’re fading resistant and if installed properly, they’ll last a lifetime.
  • They won’t crack
  • They come in a variety of colours, White and Tan being the most popular
  • Not every PVC fence is manufactured or built the same
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty

Simtek Fence

SimTek® fences offer an exquisite durability and performance for creating a peaceful and calm outdoor space. This fence is a whole other category compared to the average stone.

Manufactured with EcoStone ( Allegheney) and Ashland (Sherwood) have a realistic granite-stone and wood appearance that is maintenance free and provides solid privacy.


  • Stands out
  • Maintenance free fence
  • Sound-barrier to exterior noise
  • Superior strength and wind resistance
  • Made with recycled and recyclable polyethylene plastic

Removal of existing fence?

If you have an existing fence that must be removed prior to installation of a new fence, the standard price for the removal of the existing fence is $8 per linear foot. This includes removal and disposal irrespective of fence type.

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Daniel Massey

After getting multiple quotes for a 9 houses PVC fence project, we chose Backyard Pros for their competitive prices and expertise. All 9 home owners including myself cannot be happier! Highly recommended, Mike is very easy to communicate with.

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