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When it comes to protecting what we build, our expertise, reliability and professionalism remains the same. We will prep work areas before staining and approach each case differently.

An example of our knowledge in the field: We put gravel under every deck we build for a reason, as when staining time comes, if no gravel is present, humidity levels rise which keep the underneath of your board damp all year, and that will prevent the stain from lasting for more than 1 year. If an existing deck does not have gravel and we are asked to stain it, we go the extra mile and approach the problem in a different manner to ensure a durable and professional job.

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Garage Doors & much more!

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How it's done

We power wash, sand, caulk and prepare the surface for painting or staining. Before any can is opened we tarp walls, tape windows to ensure the protection of your property from any over spray if spray gun is used.
We prime the surface before the application of any paint, to make sure your new color sits solid on the surface and lasts long.

We apply the paint/stain of your choice, no spots will be missed, to ensure the full protection of the surface
After the job is completed, we do the final clean up. (cleaning is also done after every day of hard work)
Now your turn comes to take a walk with the owner around your property and inspect our work, making sure you are satesfied is our number one goal.

Our Process in Pictures

Backyard Pros not only build decks and fences but they take care of all exterior wood staining too! Myself and 2 of my neighbors got our cedar fence built by this professional team, we cant be any more satesfied with the work! Big thumbs up guys!

Tony Angle

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