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Below are some additional information about our processes, payments, insurance and more. 

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In how many days after agreeing on a job will you get started?

Depending on the volume of work, but typically not more than within a week of the agreement.

What is your prepping method for exterior painting/staining?

It depends on the project. Usually power washing and sanding are a must in most cases to insure endurance and quality of the final project.

Does your warranty cover material as well as labour?

Yes, our warranty covers the whole job.

How many days will rain delay an exterior paint job?

Typically 2 days.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept Interac e-Transfer, Debit, Visa/Mastercard, cheques, and cash.

What brand of paint/stain do you use?

We have a variety ranging from Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamir Moore, Sikens, and more. You’re always welcome to provide your own material or request a specific brand.

When can you paint/stain outdoors?

We choose a time where it isn’t humid and when the weather cooperates.

Do you take any money upfront?

We request a minimal deposit (usually less than material cost) on the agreement day to ensure your spot, and the rest once the job is complete.

Do you use electric sanders?

Depending on the project and the small corners, we usually use mouse sanders and big industrial sanders.

Are you insured?

Yes, our team is fully insured and liable.

Are building permits required?

You should always check with your local building office to determine what permits are required for your particular project. Here in Ottawa, a deck permit is required if the deck is more than 2 ft. off grade. Generally a fence does not need a permit unless it is for a pool.

Are there any rules about who gets the "nice side"?

No, not really. The only time that it matters who gets the "nice side" is when there is a pool involved.

What is the maximum height I can build a fence?

In Ottawa, the fence shall not be taller than 3 feet for a front yard, and 7 feet for a backyard and along the rear sides.

How deep do fence posts get installed?

Typically 42’’ - 48 ‘’

In the case where my neighbor dosen’t want to share the fence cost, what’s my rights?

You have the right to place the fence a couple of inches into your property, making it legally 100% yours.

What is your warranty?

Many of our manufacturers have a lifetime warranty. We will go over the warranty information with you once you have decided on the fence type that you want.

What are the terms of payment?

Down payments are required at the time the contract is signed and full payment is required at the completion of the project.

Who calls the local utilities for locates?

If Ferrera Fence and deck are contracted to install a fence or a deck, we call for location of the service lines from the lot line to the house. Ferrera Fence and Deck is not responsible for any secondary underground services (Hydro to a detached garage, swimming pool, sprinkle system…) it is up to the owner to determine their locations.

Cancellation Policy?

Once your deck or fence project is booked with us, we take a deposit to secure your spot in the busy seasons and cover some of the material and other involved costs.

Client has all rights to cancel on the project and get a full refund within 10 days from the booking date. Otherwise, the payment process works in these 3 simple and easy steps:

30% upon booking
40% after posting
Final 30% upon job completion
I have been through contractors more then I can count. But, I am so lucky to have met these guys, they put me at ease the min I met them and throughout the project. Delivered on time, paid for the project as quoted, guaranteed work etc... things we all expect out of a contractor but unfortunately there are few bad apples in the industry, these guys have taught me how to trust a contractor and their work and most importantly their word. they expanded my existing deck, built a beautiful outdoor kitchen and re-stained the deck. fantastic workmanship. I would definitely recommend them again and again and I know you will once you hire them.

Maroun Ayoub

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