Gravel Driveways

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Is it getting muddy when it rains or you’re simply looking to resurface the area?

You may be thinking of getting a gravel driveway as its a-lot more cost efficient than other driveway materials and provides a neat look.  However you may be worried about re-filling sunken areas every couple of years. 


You’ve come to the right place, we put our years of experience behind our work. We have tackled that problem for your ease of mind and ours and it has proved to work.  By using Geotextile in the construction process, many worries you may have will get eliminated and you will get proper value on your driveway.

Your new gravel driveway or road is built in these 6 steps:

  1. Marking the area of the driveway, widths, turns, and length. 

  2. Excavating, removing any roots and levelling dirt, ensuring the driveway’s sides are slightly sloped for drainage. The dirt surface then gets compacted.

  3. (This step is optional, however we highly recommend it)

  4. We unroll the Geosynthetic textile and lay it on the driveway, ensuring full coverage. Not only does it create a proper separation and provides strength under the gravel to eliminate sinking but it also eases filtration, drainage and reinforces the driveway all in all. 

  5. Depending on the soil type, we determine what base rock size we’re going with, from 2’’ all the way to 4’’ , in some cases we go with bigger rock if needed and work our way down. It is laid evenly ensuring full coverage.

  6. Our next step is laying 5/8 stone dust on top of the base stone which acts as a compacting agent.

  7. Our final step is wetting the area and compacting it thoroughly to ensure a smooth look and feel when driving along with durability.

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